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On the Boards

Projects displayed in this category are designs that are either in progress awaiting construction, or they may have been abandoned for another variation. More ideas are designed and entertained than actually get built and although some may see this as disappointing, designers know this can prove to be a very good thing.  In working out a project, many variations on a theme may be designed, and we work with a client to fine-tune the design.  In working out a whole project program for a client they may come to realize that they thought they wanted a “new” house, but a remodel will suit them better instead.  All of this falls into the “discovery ” of going through the design process.  All designs considered serve a value in being part of the process of discovery. 


Inspiration comes in many forms.  Most creative endeavors draw inspiration from many diverse areas and architecture is no different. I am continually impressed and inspired by the work of other architects, but equally inspired by the other Arts, Science, and Nature. I believe that the most inspired and lasting architecture has been achieved with a multidisciplinary approach of these areas and strive to partner with individuals of these complementary fields.  The images in this area are just a few of the things and/or places that have affected me on some level and as a result become part of what I bring to my design on a conscious or unconscious level.  I hope to update this section often if only for the simple personal satisfaction of taking inventory of what inspires me. A Moorish fountain, special rock formation, or an unexpected lake in the middle of Death Valley may be experienced in the moment with sheer delight, and later may become inspiration about how to use water, create a building form, or just pure appreciation for beauty and wonder in the environment.  As artist Robert Irwin said, sometimes “Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees.”