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The construction process can be a very exciting time as you watch the ideas on paper emerge and I wanted to have a section dedicated to showing how the spaces are created and transform.  Opportunities or issues may arise on remodels when old walls are opened. Sometimes beautiful old details get covered up over time for practical reasons and can later be revealed and restored. The construction process can be a little daunting with all the decisions involved so it is very important to keep the design professional involved through the end.  The construction documents are the instruments of the architect’s service and even the most detailed drawing set, when left to the interpretation of only the builder, may not yield the intended result.  Many situations arise that require field adjustments and determinations by the architect. There are also many details and materials that require mock-ups, shop drawings, and samples during construction and these should be reviewed and adjusted by the architect as necessary.  The client may also want to make small changes or additions during construction as a result of now being able to see and stand in the spaces, and the architect can help to integrate these as they arise.